WealthSouth.com – Investment Management
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WealthSouth.com – Investment Management

Concierge Financial Services.

WealthSouth Investment Management Overview

WealthSouth is a comprehensive investment management organization focused on developing high quality, customized portfolios tailored to our clients’ specific objectives.
Through our investment planning process, we incorporate cash flow needs, taxes, estate plans, risk tolerance, overall expenses, outside assets and any other considerations unique to a client’s needs. As an independent investment manager and professional fiduciary, with no proprietary products, we offer impartial investment advice that is of the highest standard in the industry.

Our trust and investment history, which dates to 1909, is steeped in a valuation driven, high quality, income approach, utilizing primarily individual securities wherein WealthSouth has broad investment capabilities across equities, fixed income, cash, real estate, commodities and alternative asset classes.
Based on client needs, we have the capability to employ individual securities, mutual funds and exchange traded funds in our investment structures. Ultimately, we work in partnership with our clients to build portfolios that make practical sense and meet long-term expectations.

Our locally-minded, experienced team delivers personalized service through a team approach to help guide our clients in meeting their objectives.

Differentiators / Strengths vs. Competitors

Wealth Management in Kentucky

Big Banks

  • We have a local, deep team of specialists vs. impersonal out of town resources;
  • Customized vs. cookie cutter;
  • Personalized advice vs. generic.Inflation risk

Wealth Management in Kentucky

Brokerage Firms

  • We give impartial advice, not product/commission driven;
  • • We have a team approach of specialists vs. one individual trying to “do it all”;
  • Holistic planning vs. product driven;Inflation risk
  • Professional fiduciaries with higher level over oversight than brokerage firms.

Wealth Management in Kentucky

Registered Investment Advisors

  • We have complete financial service capabilities (trusts/estates/planning/insurance/investments) vs. one strategy or service that RIA ‘s typically will focus on;
  • Team approach of specialists vs. one individual trying to “do it all”.

Investment Differentiators

Investment Value Proposition

  • Security/sector concentrations risk
  • Interest rate risk
  • Credit risk
  • Inflation risk
  • Liquidity risk
  • Reinvestment risk

  1. Align client objective with appropriate level of risk
  2. Align client objective with appropriate strategy, e.g. Income, Total Return
  3. Establish the right target mix and tactical positioning
  4. Tax efficiency
  5. Security and manager selection
  6. Fiduciary oversight of all assets – buying, selling and monitoring
  7. Selection of active vs. passive for asset classes and categories
  8. If passive which vehicle is appropriate

Concierge Financial Services.

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